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Thread Name: [Pedido][Quimera]Dragonair+Milotic
DaruroSuneko 23828
I'm new to the forum (my first post) and I haven't seen restrictions about the language in posts. For this reason I apologize if it's inappropriate to post in English, once I'm not native in Spanish language and don't have the ability to write on this language. If you think it's better, I can write in Portuguese.

Anyway, I saw this Pic on Deviantart:
"Dragonair+Milotic By Esepibe"

And the idea is, as written in the description, original from Matt-Criston also from Deviantart.

But i couldn't find a sprite version of the idea. There is only something similar to what I'm looking for in the first image, on the botton left corner, but it does not fit for a 64x64 image without loss of quality, with the purpose of using it in GEN III games (Ruby/FireRed etc).

Can anyone make a version of this?

Also, if possible, a version of the back of the Pokémon would also be helpful.