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Thread Name: Pokémon Prehistoric - My first steps in Rom Hacking
jilocasin 27991
Hello fellow Pokémon Hackers!

While ago I posted seeking help with realizing my Pokemon Rom Hack idea of "Pokémon Prehistoric".

As I have always been a "self-made-man" and always learn myself new stuff and also as I didn't find much help in the community (I think everyone must be busy with their own Hacks) I decided I would look into doing it myself! :D

So after three days of reading a ton of tutorials on the web I am proud to present you with my very first steps in creating a Pokemon Rom Hack. I think considering the short time I am doing this I already accomplished a lot.

Here are some screenshots from the very very first prototype of Pokémon Prehistoric! :)

I changed the title screen and yes it looks very raw still. Also I have the problem that once I changed the Pokemon sprite I am unable to change it again... :p Any ideas what could be the problem??

The worst part so far was changing the intro text as I had to use a Hex Editor (please note that I had zero knowledge of coding or rom hacking a few days ago!).

The professor greets you with one of my custom prehistoric Pokemon! :D

Changing the overworld was a piece of cake with Advance Map! I even made it rain!

I also learned quickly how to change the Starter pokemon.

And this is what they look in battle! :D

My custom starter pokemon Unihorn battling an Aerodactyl!

There's a little story and a problem involved with that. I did the following: I added tall grass in Pallet Town (which I called "Alpha Base") and made it so that you encounter wild Aerodactyls. Now the fat guy in Pallet Town gives you 3 Stones (Fire, Water and Thunder Stone). I wanted Aerodactly to evolve into 3 different forms, just as Eevee does. Look below:

So I implemented these 3 new Pokemon using various tools. Everything looked alright. I also edited Aerodactly in this tools so it evolves into those 3 forms depending on what Item (one of the 3 stones) you give it. Again, everything seemed alright so far.

Then I tried it in-game. I got the three stones from the fat guy, caught a wild Aerodactly in Pallet Town and tried to give it one of the stones. What happened was this. The evolution animation was about to start. The player even said "Huh?" as normal. Then I got back to the list of Pokemon / Pokemon menu and Aerodactly was still Aerodactyl. I have NOOO idea why it starts the evolution process and then just jumps back to the pokemon menu.


Well I hope you like what I showed you. All this might seem not that big of a deal to you all but remember I just started my "rom hacking career" like 3 days ago with zero previous knowledge. So I am a bit proud of what I already did and can do! LOL!

Let me know what you think! And if anyone is an expert and would be willing to answer some questions from me every now and then, please PM me!

That would be awesome! THANK YOU!


FullbusterCS 25356
Paso a comentar.

¿Las paletas han sido cambiadas todas o es cosa de las scans? Es que, las veo más oscuras que cualquier otra scan y éso ha sido lo que más me ha impresionado de ellas.

Espero que sigas así, y que te lo pases bien romhackeando.
Los fakémons me molan.

Se despide, FullbusterCS.

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jilocasin 27991
Thanks Fullbuster!

I tried my best and this is just what I learned myself in 3 days. Sadly I have much other work so I dont know if and when I will be able to finish Pokemon Prehistoric! :D

Here's a video of how it looks now btw:

Pokemon Prehistoric: Fire Red Hack first Proto - YouTube

Sorry for some graphics glitches.

And I still dont know why Aerdoactly wont evolve like I want it to!? Any help for me?? :p

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Elpollo 25323
The sprite of Hans need more work and the girl too.
The position of the pokemon in the battles is bad, you have to correct it raising the sprite.

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jilocasin 27991
Yes I know that, thank you! :)
Megascep_9 Kuchiki 28187
Para ser tus primeros pasos, me gusta mucho
Ni yo en mis tiempos sabía crear sprite de pokemon
haci XD Todabía no se crear sprite hací...

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Albertodesu 27467
Nice. Very good work and you only have 3 days. Which tool did you use to edit Aerodactyl's evolutions? I recommend you use YAPE (Yet Another Pokemon Editor) with it you can edit the Pokemon stats, evolutions, names, etc... It is a very useful editor. Don't forget to backup your progress or you may lose all of what you've done.

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jilocasin 27991

Thank you for the kind words. Contrary to Miguel you have noticed this is only what I achieved within my first 3 days of Rom Hacking. I have ZERO programming/coding knowledge and a few days ago I had ZERO knowledge on how to hack a Pokemon Rom. So yeah you all may say what you want and I know all is very raw still but I am quite happy with what I did so far.

As for the Aerodactyl Evolution, I tried it with GBA Pokemon Editor first and then with YAPE, as you can edit the evolutions in both, but with no success with any of the two.
It ALMOST worked as here is what happened. I added three new Pokemon in emtpy slots (the ???? after Celebi in the Pokemon list). The 3 evolutionary forms of Aerodactyl you see in my topmost post. Then, first in GBAPGE I edited Aerodactyl assigning it the 3 new Pokemon I added as Evolutions 1 - 3 (I think there are up to 5 slots for evolutions). Then I turned the evolution condition to "Item" and selected Waterstone, Firestone and Thunderstone for the respective evolutions. Also I added the proper sprites of the 3 Aerodactyl evolutions so they should be displayed properly in the game.

So as I said it ALMOST worked. Here is what happened in the game. The fat guy in Pallet Town gives you the three stones needed for the evolutions (I know enough about scripting to do that :D) and you can catch wild Aerodactyls in Pallet Town at levels 3 - 5. I did all that and went to the Items menu and tried to evolve Aerodactyl to Flarodactyl by selecting the Firestone, going "use" and selecting the Aerodactyl I had caught earlier. Then the evolution sequence starts and the player even says "Huh?" like one would expect. Then the game does not crash but the sequence aborts and you are back in the Pokemon menu screen. And Aerodactly is still Aerodactyl and the Fire Stone is still in your Items bag.

That is a detailed description of what I did and what happened in game.

Maybe it is helpful to someone willing to help me solve the problem.

I have an idea though. Do you guys think it would work if I would not add the 3 Aerodactyl Evolutions as new Pokemon (in the empty ??? slots after Celebi in the list) but would just replace existing Pokemon?? I shall try that but it should work the other way as well IMO...

Any help would be much appreciated.


Albertodesu 27467
Weird. How many times did you try evolving it? Did you try the 3 evolutions? Maybe it doesn't work because you put the evolutions in the free spaces after Celebi, but from what I knew you could pokemon in there and the only difference was that they wouldn't appear in the pokedex.

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jilocasin 27991
Yeah that is weird indeed. I have a hunch that it will work when I replace some existing Pokemon with the three Aerodactly evolutions. Gotta try that! Wish me luck! :D

BTW Alberto, althought as you have seen I am good at teaching myself new stuff and can figure out most things myslef, I need someone I can turn to in case I encounter some problems I cannot solve myself or for occasional questions. Your English is great (where are you from btw?) and I wanted to ask if you would be available to assist me with your expertise every now and then? Dont worry I won't bombard you with questions and requests! :D

IF you would be so kind as to help me out here and there on my "quest" to realize Pokemon Prehistoric please ttell me so and I will PM you my email address so we can keep in touch. What do you say? :)

Again I am not expecting you to do any work for me, just being available with some tips and useful advice would be awesome.

Let me know! Thanks!
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