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Ludum Dare 40

This last weekend, after partying hard on Friday night, I made a game for the Ludum Dare 40 Compo! (and messed up my sleep schedule even more)


I used the Godot Engine (v2.1.4, not the v3 beta), the Aseprite pixel art editor (the GPL fork), the sfxr sound effect generator and the MilkyTracker music tracker.

I did everything all the graphics, music, sfx and code myself (except for Godot), and all the project files (with source and all) are public (which reminds me I need to add a proper license).

I exported to Linux, Windows, and the Web. I didn’t do macOS because I don’t have a mac to test, and macOS users can always use the web version. I didn’t do phones because the game only runs at a fixed resolution and doesn’t support touchscreen controls. All the download links are in the ldjam post linked above.

My takes on the whole thing would be that:

  • Godot and Aseprite are great
  • I suck at composing music
  • Making a small game in 48h is feasible and fun

The only major problem I had over the whole process was that the web godot export wouldn’t play my sound effects. Reading godot’s source code I found it was due to the compression godot’s importer does by default, which I then disabled, and the bug was fixed.


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