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VNC over 2 SSH servers

Today I *needed* a graphical connection to my home desktop, from ~100 km away. That means VNC. At home I have 2 computers: a server and said desktop. The server has a port redirected from the router for ssh, and from the server I can access the desktop (ssh as well). Therefore, I need some kind of double tunnel to get from the laptop to the home machine. The final solution looked like this:

home $ x0vncserver -display :0 -passwordfile ~/.vnc/passwd
laptop $ ssh -L 5900:(Laptop local IP):5900 -N (Home IP)
laptop $ vncviewer DotWhenNoCursor=1 :0

All the ssh connections I did here used RSA keys. VNC uses a password, but it's not facing the public internet and the connection is encrypted (it isn't from the home server to the desktop, but I assume there are no rogues inside my house), so it's not actually needed.

Neither of those IP addresses have to be actual addresses here. In my case, the first one was the hostname of my desktop as written in the server's /etc/hosts. The second one was the name of a .ssh/config entry which uses a CNAME domain name, which points to a no-ip domain name (yay!).

That DotWhenNoCursor=1 thing was added because I had no mouse cursor without it (I'm not sure what to blame here). You can put that in ~/.vnc/default.tigervnc too.

Once the connection is open, you can press F8 to open the viewer's menu and use the fullscreen option or close the program, among other options.


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